Step up to your SELF
The Leadership Retreat

Time to recharge: Step up to your SELF
a co-creation with Masha Ibeschitz

Step up to your SELF

Your Personal Retreat in the Tyrolean Alps

In the midst of the hectic business world, it's easy to lose sight of the essentials. Our retreat "Step Up to Your SELF" offers you the opportunity to retreat and reflect on your career and life journey in peace. Together, we'll develop an even clearer vision for your professional success and identify concrete steps to make this vision a reality.

In a world of constant change and ongoing challenges, it's crucial for experienced leaders to create and seize opportunities to pause and reflect.

Personal development is part of all our Hansen Beck trainings, whether in leadership, sales, or team development. This program is all about you - and your personal, professional, and private success. Learn from the past, analyze the present, and shape the future. Success on your terms. Are you ready?


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Relax. Reflect. Transform.

Summiting peaks or climbing? Successful leaders know that true greatness arises not just from actions, but also from reflection. In our retreat, you have the opportunity to delve deeply into your personal and professional goals. What aspects contributed to your past success, and what do you want to let go of?

Take the time now to step back and plan your next phase of professional development!

Who is Step Up To Your SELF for?

Our program is designed for experienced executives, managers, and CEOs seeking new perspectives and inspiration to take their already successful careers to the next level. Whether you're looking for new strategies to enhance your influence or striving for a deeper understanding of your personal goals, "Step Up to Your SELF" provides the support you need to elevate your success to the next level.

Why Step Up to Your SELF?

"Step Up to Your SELF" offers a range of benefits to further propel your already impressive career:

Enhancement of your professional development: We'll assist you in further refining your leadership skills, optimizing your self-management, and developing an even clearer vision for your professional future. These insights and skills will help you achieve your professional goals even more effectively.

ROI and business benefits: Your participation in our program will not only impact your personal development but also generate a positive ROI for your company. Strengthened leadership skills lead to more efficient team management, while a deeper understanding of your goals enhances the overall performance of the company.

Networking and peer learning: Connect with other experienced executives and managers to exchange valuable insights and best practices. These peer-to-peer learning opportunities provide you with a unique chance to expand your knowledge and gain new perspectives.

Individual coaching elements: Our program offers tailored coaching sessions to address your individual challenges and goals. This personal support will help you maximize your strengths and fully leverage your development potential.

Long-term impact: The insights and skills gained will not only enhance your professional performance but also improve your personal satisfaction and quality of life. "Step Up to Your SELF" lays the foundation for long-term success and continuous development, both personally and professionally.

I want to do something for myself!

Participant Testimonials

"In a very clear, clever, and humorous way, Masha and Rupert lead the participants to their very personal next level. They create an atmosphere that truly lives up to the name 'Retreat'. I can recommend SUTYS without reservation to anyone who wants to take a break and then go on their life paths more consciously, refreshed, powerfully, and with a new understanding of themselves." (Kerstin Schuster, Coach and Consultant)

"What is the formula for happiness? That's what we're all looking for - one way to get there most certainly leads through “Step up to yourself” with Masha & Rupert - who have packed so much knowledge and know-how into exercises that always end with something clear and actionable and taught me to appreciate the value of every single step - in short: highly recommended for all people who want to lead a happier life. “The meeting with myself” - a regular self-reflection has become part of my everyday life and I can absolutely recommend it!" (Armin Rogl,

"I'm always surprised at how good even a few days off are. Step Up To Your Self was exactly the framework I needed to gain a piece of clarity. At the retreat, the big questions are really on the table: Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? As a leader? As a person? And everyone deals with them at the depth that is just right. Sometimes with a twinkle in the eye and fun in the group, sometimes withdrawn with pen and paper on the balcony. With the impulses from Masha and Rupert for me the perfect balance between thinking and doing. Plus, the encouraging and enriching exchange with people who ask exactly the same questions - big recommendation!" (Julia Bröderbauer,

The Location: Nature & Spa Hotel Lärchenhof****

The primal power of the Alps: Step up to your SELF at the 4-star superior Nature & Spa Hotel Lärchenhof in Seefeld, on the Tyrolean plateau. The hotel is nestled in a small, romantic larch forest, surrounded by an impressive mountain backdrop. We not only enjoy alpine flair combined with familial hospitality, but we also meet in the perfect location to relax in nature and recharge our batteries. Overnight stays and delicious meals are included in the price.


Your All-Inclusive Retreat in the Tyrolean Alps

In addition to the special setting, your participation includes:

  • Accommodation at the Nature & Spa Hotel Lärchenhof**** in Seefeld in Tyrol
  • Catering - culinary highlights with a unique panoramic view
  • Workshop with your executive coaches Masha Ibeschitz and Rupert Seewald
  • Networking with other decision-making executives
  • all materials (worksheets, reflection sheets, etc.)
  • Bestseller book “Success Reloaded” by Masha
  • "mindmodder" - Impulse series by Rupert

Dates and Prices

What matters is what remains

Time for a step forward: Into an era where you achieve more with less energy. Where you're arrived and strengthened. Because you know where you're from and where your path will lead you.

Step up to your SELF, we look forward to welcoming you!
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Why a Co-Creation with Masha?

Masha Ibeschitz is the founder of the Think Beyond Group - a global leadership collective - and a fixture in the international consulting scene. Masha and I had heard of each other many years ago and had been "training before and after each other" for quite some time, as we like to call it. However, we only got to know each other in the course of co-created online workshops that arose due to common customers' specific needs during the Corona pandemic. We found that not only do our philosophies go together excellently, but also that we complement each other extremely well in terms of competence, thereby enriching our activities at Think Beyond and Hansen Beck. Quite exciting what a "crisis" can bring about, isn't it? find out more about Masha